Every summer, Most of us have to deal with hot water coming from our cold tap. Aska Chiller a water chiller manufacturer company based in Dubai, UAE offers you a cold water management system in your home at an affordable price. Aska chiller provides you a fully automatic circulation water chilling system that can cool up to a 3000-gallon water tank to a (user adjustable) temperature.

Why Choose Aska?Why Choose Aska?

Our range of air cooled re-circulation and on-line chilling systems represents the ideal solution for the cooling of domestic and industrial process chilling systems designed to facilitate quick installation for all packaged chilled water system requirements. 

The speed and accuracy of production increases as you maintain a constant and proper cooling temperature in your equipment. Our chilling plants are known for their performance and cansignificantly reduce the number of rejected parts while increasing the number of parts produced per hour. It is also worth noting that cooling towers may provide adequate cooling during winter months but they fail during the hotter months of the year. Our water chilling plants immediately eliminate this problem.

The most compelling reason to get one of our chilling plants is the protection to your valuable process equipment such as laser machines, spot welders, injection molding equipment and other applications. A chilling plant commonly represents a small fraction of the processing equipment. Yet it provides a solid protection of your investment 24 hours a day, 7days a week for years and years to  come.

We set the standard for the water chiller industry. Delivery schedules are promptly executed to meet market deadlines and International Standards. Our products are exported to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Jordan,Syria, Yemen, Libya, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Iraq, Gambia, Nigeria and vast number of other African countries. 

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